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Enhance port operations with APIs

Awake.AI has developed multiple APIs that can be easily integrated to your current tools and systems

Master your plans and perfect the operations


Predictions API provides accurate port call predictions to ensure operational efficiency and savings. 


Predictions API utilizes multiple methods per each segment of the port call to reach a high level of accuracy.  We often also fine-tune the models for specific conditions for some port approaches and specific weather and traffic patterns. We provide global coverage for all ships detected with satellite or terrestrial means and update our prediction every 10 minutes. 


Awake.AI's Voyage Event API is a globally available cloud service providing automated messages when vessels enter or exit user-defined areas.

The Event API service provides actual time event information and notifies about the vessel arrival times to various areas during port calls (e.g. pilot boarding places and berths). The service provides time references automatically and objectively. Thus can be used for example in a statement of facts or records for billing.

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