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Track and trace your cargo flow

Every Cargo owner wants to manage the risks in cargo supply

chains and to be aware of the current situation of the cargo.

With the Awake Platform you can get full transparency to cargo flow at sea, port and on land.


With the Awake Platform powered solutions our cargo owner clients can track, trace and optimize their cargo flow going through the port gates. This provides an excellent overview to better prepare for deliveries and pick-ups at the right


We can provide smart data to predict and ensure efficient and

reliable operation for days, and even weeks into the future.

Image by frank mckenna

Full transparency to sea-port-land cargo flow


Cargo owners can minimise and manage the risks in cargo supply chains


Cost savings in with reduced turnaround times

Better planning and prediction capability for days and even weeks forward

Manage the risks in cargo supply chains

Save time, cost and reduce emissions

Real time information sharing, ensuring efficient and reliable logistic operations

Get ahead of the competition and be part of the maritime future

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