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Custom digital solutions

Data-driven solutions to iron out bottlenecks and streamline operations.

Streamline your operations


Simulation is a custom solution based on modeling port and vessel operations, systems, and processes within a port.

A port-tailored simulation solution allows testing new and existing processes in various scenarios without risking the ongoing daily routines of the actual port.

As a concrete example, we have developed simulators for vessel operations in port areas, taking into account environmental conditions, fairway limitations and vessel characteristics.

The solution encourages innovation and new working ways to optimize operations, resource usage, and mitigate risks, thus increasing safety at the port.

Digital twin

Digital twin is a virtual model/digital replica of the actual port, physical assets, systems and related processes, synchronized to their physical counterparts by sensors (IoT) or other information sources.

This pairing of the virtual and physical ports allows analysis and visualization of data and provides situational awareness for more efficient operational planning.

As a part of digital twin solution, we can build 3D models of the port and objects within the ports (e.g. containers, ships, trucks, ect), and apply edge processing and sensor solutions to connect these in real time to the physical resources

Digital twin to Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe. They decided that they need to prepare for hosting smart and autonomous ships in the near future. This involves technologies, systems, and processes which are not yet commonly available, making it necessary to first build simulation models of such operations.

Computer vision

One of our custom solutions is computer vision-based object detection and tracking.

This unique solution enables automatic monitoring of area usage per cargo unit, resource allocation planning, and real-time analytics.

We apply machine learning models and computer vision algorithms with existing camera systems and custom-built lidar sensor systems. We can detect, classify, count, and track various types of cargo in port and industrial environments.


In partnership with

Port of Hanko

Port of Hanko has grown constantly for the past years and it is now one of the largest ports in Finland. Awake.AI implemented a custom AI solution for the port authority to identify the utilization rate of an area reserved for imported/exported cars in the port.

AI insights

We develop, orchestrate, and maintain custom analytics, machine learning, and optimization solutions for maritime logistics operations.

Examples of ongoing projects include producing optimized recommended arrival and departure times for port calls in congested ports, analyzing and optimizing truck turnaround times, and automated cargo inventorying and related analytics using computer vision solutions.

Port of Valencia and Liverno

Awake.AI is contributing to the iNGENIOUS project through a joint use case demonstration with Fundación Valenciaport, where we are modeling and optimizing truck turnaround times in the ports of Valencia and Livorno.

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