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Smart Port as a Service™

An AI-enhanced digital platform connecting ship operators, ports and cargo owners

All-in-one application to power your port calls

Awake Smart Port is a modern all-in-one cloud based application for real-time situational awareness, planning, shared communication and smarter decision making for all port operations.

Powered by Awake.AI’s intelligent data platform, Smart Port brings AI-enhanced accurate ETA and ETD predictions, next generation berthing, and tools to plan your port operation tasks and use of resources in a smarter way.

All aboard messaging

A comprehensive messaging solution to bring all port actors aboard for real-time collaboration and operational decision making between all port operations.

Online & mobile chat for stakeholders for sharing messages in real-time

Automatic port call specific chat rooms which are always up-to-date, reliable and traceable

Automatically and manually triggered port call events to support comprehensive messaging

Real time maps

With our extensive maps, you can view accurate vessel movements with AI-powered accurate ETA and ETD predictions displayed right on your map. These unmatched features along with shared communication channels will give you accurate collaborative situational awareness of your port operations.

Real-time situational awareness for the whole operations

Sea and land maps with 2D land maps and immersive 3D port environments

Next-generation AIS (vessel locations with history and predicted future route)

Weather information overlays

Berth planner

Berth Planner is powered by AI predictions, built-in models, and helps you to make smarter berth planning.

AI-powered accurate voyage predictions for better near future visibility

Support for anchoring, fairways, pilots, towing, berth shifts, and detailed berth parameters

Built-in support for single vessel berths and longer berths with vessels positioned with bollard or meter positioning

Can be integrated into existing Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Port resource and task manager

With Port Resource and Task Manager, you can plan and manage the use of over 20 most typical port resources. You can centralize the planning of entire work shifts and the assignment of tasks. When integrated into existing TOS, resource management and task allocation become even more powerful by adapting to plan changes in real-time.

Plan and manage the use of over 20 most typical port resources

Centralize the planning of work shifts and assignment of tasks

Can be integrated to existing Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Plans adapts to status changes in real-time

AI powered predictions

Smart Port Accurate Predictions are enhanced with AI algorithms, combining multiple data sources like weather forecasts, vessel information, and historical data. With more accurate predictions all actors in the port call can synchronize the operations and save time, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Reliable ETA information based on AI and machine learning

Accurate predictions powered by Awake Platform, which combines multiple relevant data sources

Synchronizes the entire supply chain and powers better operational planning and decision making

Fully transparent cargo operations

Get real-time reporting of cargo operations with estimated loading starts and finish times. Observe the progress in real-time during operations and get updated on potential delays.


Reporting of information is shared on the port call timeline view as well as in the messaging between all the port operation collaborators.


Smart Port in your pocket

Smart Port as a Service™ mobile app allows authorities to effectively optimize every port call.


Smart port on the go

Situational awareness

Smart Port Mobile gives you a full picture of the ship traffic at your port. With AI-powered ETAs, comprehensive port call timelines and detailed ship info, you will always have all the needed information with you.

Industry-leading accuracy on ETAs are powered by our unique AI algorithms


See every ship arriving when they are at berth and departing from your port

See detailed port call timelines for each ship

Berth planner

Stay on top of your berth plans with easy-to-follow plan list view. Each plan includes information about the plan and real-time updates. 

Berth plan lists


Awake-bot automatically shares important status updates in plans


Berth plan and vessel information


Map view


Our messaging tool brings all the port communication together. You can easily communicate in the message group for a one port call, or even for the whole port community.

Ship and port call specific message groups


Our Awake-bot automatically shares important status updates to the whole group


Easy-to-use chat interface

Maps and weather

Take the detailed maps of your port and sea areas with you. Maps become even more powerful with accurate weather data, keeping you prepared for any kind of weather at your port.

Detailed maps of your port and any sea area around the world


Accurate weather data to help you to be prepared for any weather condition at your port

Download Smart Port Mobile now


If your organisation is already a user of Smart Port as a Service™,
you can use the Smart Port Mobile app instantly.
Otherwise, we will ask you a couple of things in order to get you going.

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