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Ecosystem will connect all maritime actors

Our vision is to become the world's most trusted smart port and autonomous shipping platform

 More than 90 different actors

Be part of the maritime future

We are working with port authorities, ship operators, and cargo owners around the world to bring all maritime actors together. The revolutionary Awake Platform is the solution that is helping the industry to become more sustainable and efficient. With our solutions, we are going to cut maritime emissions globally by 10 % until the year 2030.

For this common goal, we are inviting technology, research, and software development partners to work with us in helping the digitalization of the maritime logistics industry. Make an impact and be an important part in ensuring the future maritime logistics will be more efficient and sustainable. 

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Bring sea, port and land together


Awake Platform can provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETA) for ships, take weather forecasts into account and link the situational information from port side to determine the best possible Just-In-Time (JIT) arrival.


Awake Platform is a secure digital platform that Port Authorities can use as a foundation for catering various digital services to their community. Online, real-time and predictive tools pave the way for efficient port call planning and operations together with Terminal Operators.


Freight forwarders and cargo owners can use the platform to track & trace and optimize the cargo flow going through the port gates (Railway and Road). Tracking containers, trailers, trucks and other assets together with vessels within the port area, provides situational awareness and enables Just-In-Time deliveries and pick-ups from and to the port.

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