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ETA Prediction


AI Powered Port Call Predictions

Awake.AI provides multiple APIs such as Port Call Event Time Stamp and Estimation Service.

Estimated Time of Arrival API (ETA API) is a service for port operators and authorities to ensure accurate predictions in real-time and thus help to optimize port operations and resources in the most optimal way.

Awake.AI’s predictions’ APIs utilize multiple methods per each segment of the port call to reach high level of accuracy. It is also possible to fine tune models for specific port conditions, weather and traffic patterns. 

ETA API is an integral component of the platform and provides global coverage for all ships detected with satellite or terrestrial means and updates the predictions every 10 minutes.

Awake.AI’s customers have the option to request basic predictions or choose an extended data set among many customized APIs. For example, prediction to berth and estimated voyage route to the port.

Download the brochure to learn more.

Download the brochure
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