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Connecting Sea-Port-Land with a digital platform - IHMA 360 webinar series


Connecting Sea-Port-Land with a digital platform 

Awake.AI presenting at  IHMA 360 webinar series. "Connecting Sea-Port-Land with a digital platform" presented by  Sami Kaksonen, VP of Sales & Marketing, Awake.AI.

"Although digitalization and port call optimization has been talked about for years, and it has been widely accepted that ICT can help in reducing emissions by 15%.

The adoption of Smart Port Technology has not skyrocketed. In fact, only 3 out of 10 organizations have a roadmap for digital transformation in place today. " - starts Sami Kaksonen


Watch the full webinar recording to learn how we can connect different actors in maritime logistics to facilitate better collaboration and information sharing across the supply chain.

Watch the recording
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