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Solution Brief

Port Yard Situational Awareness with Smart Port as a Service™


Awake.AI cooperates with Intel to deliver edge-to-cloud Smart Port as a Service Platform

With productivity, environmental, and economic pressures mounting, ports around the world are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics and machine learning to boost operational efficiencies. Ports are looking to improve capabilities to monitor, track, and predict capacities of yard areas and cargo flows.

Port authorities, terminal operators, and other logistic actors are looking for a trusted smart port solution that can be deployed affordably and quickly. Working together to mesh edge, AI and 5G technologies, Awake.AI and Intel are leading port operations to the computer vision era.

The solution uses machine-learning models to detect objects in the port yard using sensors installed in the port area and automatically provide real-time awareness of utilization rates and cargo flows.

Download the solution brief to learn more about the collaboration between Awake. AI and Intel which resulted in an AI-driven, more security-enabled edge-to-cloud solution that supports real-time port yard situational awareness. With Smart Port as a Service, ports have a trusted and well-defined path toward the future.

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