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Awake.AI - Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

2021 Frost & Sullivan

Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

Awake.AI has been awarded as the best Entrepreneurial company of the year in the European Maritime Logistics Industry.

Frost & Sullivan’s global team of growth pipeline experts continuously identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions of the world. As part of this ongoing effort, F&S identifies companies that consistently develop new growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future, and, thus, more effectively address new challenges and opportunities. This approach involves deep strategic deliberation around best practices and the development of core analytics across the entire value chain of specific products and services.

Based on the aforementioned criteria, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Awake.AI as an industry leader that understands entire supply chain logistics, its challenges and seeks to help maritime logistics actors to transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics.

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