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An AI-enhanced digital platform connecting ship operators, ports and cargo owners


Jump onboard to revolutionize the marine industry

Awake.AI is much more than just a job. As one of the Awakers you would be revolutionizing the marine industry and making your mark in history.

Thanks to our work, ports are safer, they are more efficient and better places to work at. We can dramatically reduce the emissions load in logistics and save our planet.

Together we can make an impact!

Awake team day.jpg

We are a young start-up where things happen fast without bureaucracy. Everybody works in teams with a good, equal, and open spirit. Here you can make decisions and make a difference in company matters.



If you want to wake up every morning feeling excited to develop new solutions to the market, Awake.AI is the best place for that.


Why now

Digital transformation wave is just starting the maritime logistics. Awake.AI is well-positioned to lead this journey and you have a key role in it.



You will have an opportunity to develop the solutions with our international customers and partners.



We can offer competitive benefits that are also developing continuously. We want to enable continuous learning for all employees. You can work remotely when needed and choose your own tools.


Be part of the dream team

We have the best team of experts in this industry and an easygoing atmosphere at our offices. Our passionate experts have a very long experience in software development and maritime so you will learn many new things being part of it.

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