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Learn how ports are increasing their competitiveness with Awake's solutions


Awake.AI is to provide vessel schedule estimates for all Finnish Ports


Awake.AI won the tender to provide vessel schedule estimates for Finnish ports through Fintraffic Vessel Traffic Services.


The new port call schedule service will improve the competitiveness of Finnish maritime logistics, boost the efficiency of port operators’ routine activities, support the development of automation, help to anticipate exceptional circumstances, and reduce environmental emissions.

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“The importance of time data for shipping has been taken into account in both national transport system plans and the government’s decision-in-principle on the digitalisation of logistics.

The port call schedule service will now enable us to implement this on a practical level.”

Olli Soininen, Programme Manager at Fintraffic's Vessel Traffic Services

Surpassing the competition with Berth Planner

Port of Gothenburg aims to be one of the world’s most competitive port. They want to ensure Swedish industry’s access to the whole world and as a result have chosen Awake.AI’s Berth Planner solution to enhance their digitalization.

Awake.AI provides to Port of Gothenburg an integrated, smart and user-friendly berth planning tool that will optimize port call and improve collaboration between all port actors.

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Port of Gothenburg

“In its core, it is a berth planner but the expected positive effects are twofold. An intuitive and effective platform for our operators makes the job of planning port calls more efficient. But combined with the ability to share and visualize the berth plans to the port call stakeholders it is an important building stone for common situational awareness to the current state of the port call. An insight many local actors have been requesting for years.“

Fredrik Rauer, Traffic Coordinator, The Port of Gothenburg
Port of Gothenburg
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Solution for the next generation supply chain


Port of Valencia is one of the largest ports in Europe. In 2019 it had an annual cargo traffic of around 81 million tonnes. It has over 15.000 employees and it provides services to more than 7,500 ships every year.

They are constantly looking for better ways to conduct their port operations so they are running a piloting of new technological solutions for multi-modal

logistic chain. The piloting has a wide array of professionals and experts from different industries as partners to achieve best possible solutions. Partners included such industry leaders as Nokia, COSCO, Ericsson, Valencia Port Foundation, Cumucore, Telefonica, NeuroDigital, etc. will provide a modelling of truck turnaround times at port and is task lead for Smart and tactile IOT Applications work package in the piloting process.

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Port of Valenciaport
Port of Hanko
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