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The digital revolution in maritime logistics

On the 16th of June 2020, Awake.AI launched Smart Port as a Service™ (SPaaS), an all-in-one solution for real-time collaboration and decision-making between all port operations. The revolutionary solution provides AI-enhanced accurate predictions, next-generation berthing, and the ability to plan port operation tasks and resources in a smarter way. In addition, it offers powerful 3D-enabled maps and access to mobile application.

Improving Efficiency and Accuracy of ETA and ETD Estimates

Today, many port operations are still struggling with inaccurate ETA and ETD predictions. Communication can be slow due to siloed port operations, and tools for resource and task planning might be inefficient. Overseeing vessels and cargo movement can also be difficult with poor mapping tools. All of this results in lower operational efficiency.

During the webinar, the VP of AI & Analytics, Jussi Poikonen, shared how AI-enhanced data and prediction models are used in SPaaS to tackle these issues and improve competitiveness in the entire maritime transport business.

The ability to predict accurately originates from Awake.AI’s AI algorithms, utilizing multiple data sources, such as weather forecasts, vessel information, and historical data. With more accurate predictions, all port call actors will save time and costs while increasing their operational efficiency. To make precise predictions, Awake.AI also uses machine learning (ML) methods as an integral part of its service offering. ML enables progressive streamlining of operations by harvesting, analyzing, and gaining understanding from vast amounts of data. In addition, ML can provide a better general overview of the business environment.

Poikonen also presented the guiding principles on automation, integration, and scalability in maritime logistics. For example, integration means that “models and predictions are not standalone features, but should form a cohesive whole, providing value to other services,” and scalability means that “models are designed to scale computationally and geographically, providing network benefits through platform expansion,” which Poikonen emphasized during the webinar.

Next-Generation Berthing and Resource Planner in Your Pocket

Awake.AI offers AI-enhanced accurate predictions, next-generation berthing, and the ability to plan port operation tasks and resources in a smarter way, driving the digital transformation in maritime logistics.

As one of the webinar highlights, VP of Sales and Marketing Sami Kaksonen showcased the newly launched SPaaS application and its latest features such as comprehensive messaging solution, real-time maps, AI-powered accurate predictions and berth planning, resources, and task manager.

Awake.AI is also looking into a bigger picture and aiming to connect sea, port, and land through Awake’s platform, where different parties utilizing Awake’s APIs can build their own customized solution while utilizing data access and technology built by Awake.AI’s experts.

“The service and platform will bring improved efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and lower costs for all port actors, including port authorities, terminal operators, cargo owners and many more,” Kaksonen accentuated.

The Awake.AI day webinar culminated when Sami Kaksonen announced a free tier offer for the first port authorities who join the service. Contact Sami or request a demo for more details.

Rauanheimo Achieves 25% Better Port Call Productivity

One of the webinar panelists, Pasi Salmela, Regional Director and Senior Advisor of Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab (Rauanheimo), shared how Awake.AI’s developed solution has helped them to enhance port processes, enable utilization of digitalization, and maintain a leading position in port logistics.

"Information sharing and transparency among the actors is the foundation for smarter ports, better situational awareness and operational efficiencies. And Awake's platform is offering exactly that" - states Salmela.

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab started a cooperation with Awake.AI in 2019 with the purpose to bring together AI/ML and port operation experts in co-development of a Digital Data Platform (DDP). Today, they are already reaping the benefits, such as better productivity and savings.

“By using Awake.AI’s Digital Data Platform we expect to achieve 25% better productivity for 60% of handled vessels within 2 years, resulting in 230 000 € annual savings and many other potential benefits,” summed up Salmela.


Senior Project Manager Anssi Lappalainen introduced Awake’s ecosystem for data and information sharing and digital overview of the relevant variables in the maritime environment.

Currently, Awake.AI has various ecosystem partners that provide infrastructure, security, integration, and monitoring on one side, and provide data sets and data streams on the other side.

“Being part of the ecosystem increases productivity while reducing the cost of transport and port calls. Other ecosystem partners become your assets,” stated Lappalainen.

The panelists invited participants to join the ecosystem and support Awake’s mission to “reduce cumulatively 10% of the global CO2 emissions from shipping by 2030.”


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