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Smart Port in your pocket

With Awake Mobile app allows authorities to effectively optimize every port call.


Awake Mobile


Awake Mobile gives you a full picture of the ship traffic at your port. With AI-powered ETAs, comprehensive port call timelines and detailed ship info, you will always have all the needed information with you.

Industry-leading accuracy on ETAs are powered by our unique AI algorithms


See every ship arriving when they are at berth and departing from your port

See detailed port call timelines for each ship

Berth planner

Stay on top of your berth plans with easy-to-follow plan list view. Each plan includes information about the plan and real-time updates. 

Berth plan lists


Awake-bot automatically shares important status updates in plans


Berth plan and vessel information


Map view


Our messaging tool brings all the port communication together. You can easily communicate in the message group for a one port call, or even for the whole port community.

Ship and port call specific message groups


Our Awake-bot automatically shares important status updates to the whole group


Easy-to-use chat interface

Maps and weather

Take the detailed maps of your port and sea areas with you. Maps become even more powerful with accurate weather data, keeping you prepared for any kind of weather at your port.

Detailed maps of your port and any sea area around the world


Accurate weather data to help you to be prepared for any weather condition at your port

Download Awake Mobile now


If your organisation is already a user of Awake PortApp on-line service,
you can use the Awake Mobile app instantly.

Otherwise, we will ask you a couple of things in order to get you going.

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