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Awake.AI is in EU Project ADMIRAL

EU Project ADMIRAL Sets Sail: Advanced multimodal marketplace for low-emission and energy transportation


Harri Pyykkö. Senior Scientist (Intelligent Supply Chains & Logistics)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Espoo, Finland

+358 40 158 9592 |

Espoo, Finland (09.05.2023) – The ambitious EU project ADMIRAL officially commenced last week, bringing together a diverse consortium of 21 partners from 9 countries across the European Union. This groundbreaking initiative targets the freight transportation sector, significantly contributing to the region's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As part of its efforts, ADMIRAL seeks to revolutionise how businesses manage their supply chains and logistics by promoting multimodal low-emission transport chains and shifting the focus towards minimising emission levels.

Until now, companies have primarily concentrated on reducing their direct emissions and those resulting from energy consumption. As a result, indirect emissions from logistics services have been mainly overlooked. ADMIRAL intends to address this by adopting a systemic socio-technical approach encouraging industry transformation. This transformation emphasises the need for multimodal logistics solutions to optimise sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

At the core of ADMIRAL's vision is creating a cutting-edge marketplace that manages the entire supply chain infrastructure while monitoring related emissions. The platform will also serve as a channel for developers to distribute innovative, sustainability-focused solutions across the EU, strongly emphasising multimodal transportation. Demonstrations and pilot programs will be carried out in four regions: Portugal-Spain, Slovenia-Croatia, Lithuania, and Finland.

The project's objectives are centred on four main goals:

  • Evolving seamless operations within supply chains through multimodal logistics

  • Enabling better utilisation of existing assets and infrastructure to decrease emissions

  • Embracing systemic change towards sustainability with sustainable sourcing

  • Developing and piloting solutions with significant energy and emission reduction potential

Furthermore, the ADMIRAL marketplace is set to function as an innovation hub for new services, especially those promoting multimodal logistics. The platform is designed to increase the value of B2B logistics platforms by offering clear guidelines for software and solution developers. While B2C platforms are predominantly controlled by non-EU companies, such as Google, the dominance of B2B platforms remains undetermined.

By pursuing a 20% reduction in emissions and enhancing transparency and resilience, ADMIRAL strives to contribute to the project's anticipated results and effects significantly. Furthermore, the project's success will pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in freight transportation throughout Europe, driven by multimodal logistics solutions.

The project is funded by the European Union's research and innovation programme Horizon Europe and coordinated by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. and will last until April 2026. The consortium comprises 21 project partners from 9 EU countries (Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).

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Funding: Co-Funded by the European Union


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