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Awake.AI partnership with Platform8

Awake.AI is proud to announce it's partnership with Platform8 to launch a ground-breaking Predictive ETA API in New Zealand and Australia.

Turku, Finland (25.05.2023) – First Predictive Time of Arrival Launches to Revolutionise Importing and Exporting in New Zealand and Australia. Using machine learning algorithms, Predictive ETA provides real-time predictions on vessel voyages, enabling port operators and logistics providers to optimise their operations and reduce costs.

Predictive ETA’s accurate estimated time of arrival predictions reduce uncertainty in arrival times, leading to better planning and reduced costs for importers and exporters. Users can trust the estimated time of arrival provided by Predictive ETA, which increases reliability and reduces the need for contingency planning. Additionally, Predictive ETA provides a competitive advantage in the market, allowing for better decision-making and increased efficiency.

Predictive ETA’s global coverage enables automated monitoring and visibility of future arrivals up to several weeks ahead for oceangoing vessels, providing a significant advantage over traditional estimated time of arrival predictions, which are often inaccurate and unreliable. By utilising Predictive ETA, users can achieve concrete savings by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Additionally, Predictive ETA can help users achieve their ESG metrics by reducing environmental emissions and vessel turnaround times.

Maximise Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Predictive ETA’s launch comes at a time when the shipping industry faces challenges related to port congestion and maritime transport emissions. By utilising Predictive ETA‘s machine learning-powered predictions, users can reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact caused by maritime transport. Predictive ETA is a practical solution to the challenges faced by the industry, and we are excited to offer it to our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

"Al enhanced ETA enables accurate operations scheduling. It optimises berth planning and increases planning horizon for port resources. Now you can automate the vessel schedule

monitoring and take seaside situational awareness to a new level" says Karno Tenovuo CEO at Awake.AI.

Learn more at Awake.AI ETA API

Awake.AI’s mission is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics.

Besides the ETA predictions, Awake.AI delivers a holistic AI-driven software platform, ML APIs, prediction and optimisation models for all key events of the port-bound cargo flow, Smart Port as a Service application and Berth Planning solution. Awake has been selected as

  • National Growth Engine by Business Finland 2019

  • Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company Award in Maritime Logistics 2021

  • Winner of the Ship Technology Awards 2022

About Platform8

Platform8 enables the future of sustainable supply chains. We believe that by connecting digital communities and enabling them to make decisions beyond just economics, they could drive lasting change in the way we do business. This belief led to the creation of Platform8.


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