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Awake.AI Revolutionizes Port Trading

Awake.AI announces the launch of the Awake Marketplace – trade port call and port logistics services, digital and physical products with the power of the AI-driven logistics data platform.

Awake Marketplace enables wide trading of services, digital and physical products with ease. Marketplace knows how ports operate and how trading is performed. With modern and ML-enhanced tools selling and buying is fast. Pre-generated shopping carts can be created for a port call, ready to be fine-tuned and purchased.

  • Trade with the power of Marine AI

  • Fast and intelligent buying and selling of port services and products

  • Marketplace built along holistic logistics data platform

  • Comprehensive collaboration solution in port and maritime logistics

​Join with a simple registration and approval process. Bring your team along and be trading in no time.

Awake Marketplace features:

  • Company and company users onboarding (sellers & buyers & managers)

  • Dashboard page with user role (seller, buyer) specific content

  • Products and services catalog management (inventory)

  • Buying process (catalog search, listing, viewing pricing & delivery information, shopping carts, payment, etc.)

  • Selling process (listings management, defining buying rules, defining discounts, etc.)

  • Service provider services & products delivery execution

  • Buyer service delivery transparency, quality feedback

  • Payment, settlement and reporting to the sellers and buyers

  • Disruption and dispute management

  • Advertising

  • Reporting

Awake.AI is the thruster that is helping logistic companies around the world move towards a more intelligent and sustainable future. We work with all logistic actors at sea, ports, and land, making operations more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Now we are introducing the Awake Marketplace to enable efficient buying and selling of port and port-bound cargo flow operations related services and digital & physical products. With help of complete situational awareness and machine learning capabilities like predicting ship arrivals and other cargo events, buying and selling can be mostly automated and service deliveries are done just-in-time, with high quality.

Over the past 20 years, many industries have been refined by marketplace giants including eBay, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. They have addressed the asymmetric information about sellers’ offering and buyers’ needs by providing rules and infrastructure that facilitate and improve the transactions. This creates value for the current actors while creating new supply and new demand.

“Awake Marketplace is the Amazon for ports”

For ports the Marketplace brings increased attractiveness and quality services. Awake Marketplace gives sellers easier selling, new sales opportunities and more revenue. Buyers experience easier buying, reduced prices and increased quality. Overall all logistics actors get more choices, increased transparency and unprecedented collaboration capability.

Awake Marketplace creating new supply and demand

Awake.AI has built a complete digital infrastructure that enables new suppliers to enter the port logistics market. Service and product suppliers are moving from manual and time consuming selling processes to modern and easy-to-use service delivery tools for total service transparency, collaboration and situational awareness. Sales processes can be automated by marketplace tools driven by machine learning. Comprehensive web and mobile messaging tools around transactions to keep all parties aware of what is happening. Awake Marketplace has the ability to host services and products in multiple ports with different settings and expanding rapidly to new ports. Awake Marketplace introduces the ability to develop service enhancements or totally new services.

Awake Marketplace suppliers will make more sales by being visible, easily found and showing the strengths to potential customers. Services and products can be expanded to more ports and even to new countries fast and easily. Awake Marketplace gives access to new sales channels for example buyers’ ERP systems.

Today, buying is a slow manual process for almost all products and services. This is because they need to be purchased one by one. Usually, there is little to no competition, too high prices and quality could be much better. There is almost no visibility to service delivery and quality metrics. Awake Marketplace is changing all this and even creating new demand for modern digital and automation services for cost savings and better quality. More choices means more competition which lowers the prices for customers. Buyers get faster, simpler and even automated buying, quality transparency and the ability to give quality feedback.

Awake Marketplace introduces the automated ML-driven suggested port call purchases. We analyze and monitor events that take place and predict when they are likely to happen. Buying is analyzed using historical purchases data, recurring purchases and suggestions based on those are automated. Smart shopping carts are created with related likely products and services.

“Awake.AI introduces the world’s first marketplace automating the buying and selling of port services and products”

Awake.AI is introducing a services and products marketplace for ports first in the world. It is part of Awake.AI’s long-term strategy to comprehensively provide situational awareness, planning, predictions and optimizations for the whole port-bound cargo import and export flows. “We are the first to combine marine services into a marketplace where traditionally you have competitors only hosting physical products in the catalog.” - highlights Karno Tenovuo, CEO & Co-founder of Awake.AI.

New Ways of Transacting

Predict, pre-fill and automate buying and selling with smart, reused shopping charts, item bundles and recurring purchases. Trusted suppliers and buyers with quality are made visible. Professional support provided by Awake.AI, the leading platform company in maritime logistics.

“Awake Marketplace enables wide trading of services, digital and physical products with ease. Focus is on the port bound cargo flow services & products from pilot boarding place to hinterland origins or destinations. Selling and buying is fast and can even be automated with modern and ML-enhanced tools” - states Simo Salminen, VP Product & Co-Founder of Awake.AI.

Even without the first few trades you gain transparency into ship voyages, ship berth ETA predictions and can register for ship event notifications. Awake Marketplace enables everyone to present their company in a modern profile page including attachments and videos. Creating physical and digital service bundles has been made very easy and fast.

Awake Marketplace enables you to handle professionally the delivery phase tasks and provide real-time transparency for the buyer. Chat when needed to for example solve last-minute changes.

“Awake Marketplace works 24/7 for you. Experience the ease of buying with smart automatically created shopping carts for ship port calls”

Manage all phases of selling & buying with modern tools and operate in a team when needed. Save & re-use shopping carts for different ship types and shipping lines. Automate selling & buying with recurring purchases. Save time with smart auto-generated smart shopping carts for the ship port calls you are working with.

Sign up for the Awake Marketplace

Awake Marketplace can be joined easily and fast:

  1. Click Join to become the pilot seller, buyer, or manager

Join with a simple registration and approval process. Bring your team along and be trading in no time.

Co-developing and piloting with customers

Awake Marketplace is being developed together with customers and piloted together in real environments.

Fintraffic Vessel Traffic Services Ltd intends to be a pilot customer for the Awake Marketplace. “Automating the buying and selling of mooring, waste management, fresh water related services is particularly interesting to Fintraffic. We welcome everyone onboard to pilot these together” - says Olli Soininen, programme manager for Fintraffic VTS

Awake.AI is also working with e.g. Port of Helsinki, Rauanheimo, Euroports and Wega to develop the Marketplace further.

Stay tuned

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About Awake.AI

Awake.AI is an optimization platform for port-bound cargo flow and building an ecosystem for smart ports and shipping. The mission of Awake.AI is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics, reducing global shipping CO2 emissions by 10% by 2030 with the help of ecosystem partners.

Awake.AI is the world’s first logistics data platform designed from the beginning to facilitate operative collaboration within the entire maritime logistics chain by sharing situational awareness and providing AI-supported predictions for future planning.

Awake.AI is offering professional services for accelerating Smart Port digitalization, such as developing digital twins and simulation models. The platform API’s and applications built on top of the platform are available for customers and third parties using Software as a Service delivery model.


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