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Awake.AI launches Marketplace for Port Services

Awake.AI has announced the launch of the Awake Marketplace. The marketplace offers trade port call and port logistics services, digital and physical products with the power of an AI-driven logistics data platform.

Awake Marketplace aims to provide more choices, increased transparency, and collaboration capability to all logistics actors.

“We are introducing the Awake Marketplace to enable efficient buying and selling of port and port bound cargo flow operations related services and digital & physical products,” reads the company’s statement.

“With help of complete situational awareness and machine learning capabilities like predicting ship arrivals and other cargo events, buying and selling can be mostly automated and service deliveries done just-in-time, with high quality.”

Awake.AI has built a complete digital infrastructure that enables new suppliers to enter the port logistics market.

The launch comes at a time when service and product suppliers are moving from manual selling processes to modern and easy-to-use service delivery tools for total service transparency, collaboration, and situational awareness.

Awake Marketplace introduces an automated machine learning-driven suggested port call purchases by analysing and monitoring events that take place and predict when they are likely to happen.

“Awake.AI introduces the world’s first marketplace automating the buying and selling of port services and products,” said Karno Tenovuo, CEO & Co-founder of Awake.AI.

“We are the first to combine marine services into a marketplace where traditionally you have competitors only hosting physical products in the catalogue.”

Awake Marketplace is being developed together with customers and piloted together in real environments. The company is also working with the Port of Helsinki, Rauanheimo, Euroports and Wega to develop the Marketplace further.


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