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Tick, Tock, Time for TOC

To celebrate TOC Europe event, Hoist takes a look at some of the global port and cargo supply chain professionals: Awake.AI, Deloitte, Deme Group, Dg Move, Kalmar, Liebherr, Paceco, R3 Solutions.

The traditional port world is changing, demographical, technological, and sustainability drivers are affecting the daily business and shaping several important trends. As a port authority, port operator, policy developer or organization active in the port value chain it is important to know which changes will most likely occur and what the outcome will be for the maritime sector, says Deloitte.

According to its report ‘Global Port Trends 2030 – The future port landscape’, it is expected that trade routes, the competitive position of stakeholders, ecosystems, and the cargo distribution will be different as we know it today. Although the exact future of the global ports and shipping industry is still uncertain, it is important for the industry’s stakeholders to consider these trends and to prepare with appropriate policies and strategies.

Another digital platform, Awake.AI, recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the 2021 European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, enhances maritime logistics by integrating stakeholders operating in sea, port, and land logistics. It funnels the discrete data from their operations, drives shared and transparent communications, and offers accurate predictions for informed decision-making.

“Awake.AI’s collaborative AI platform expedites ports’ and terminals’ transition to connected operations, aiding smarter operational decision-making,” said Suriya Anjumohan, senior industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “With a reliable data flow, Awake. AI reinvents port logistics operations management by offering a virtual infrastructure and connected process governance for maritime logistics industry participants. Its scalable digital solutions, strong port ecosystem partner network, and commitment to amplifying digitized port operations established it as a trusted, smart port ecosystem orchestrator.”


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