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White paper - Guide to Port Call Optimization

Collaboration is the key to Port Call Optimization

Maritime transport is conducted within a regulated but self-organized ecosystem composed by multiple actors and stakeholders. To respond to the pressing need of improving the efficiency of maritime transport and ultimately turning its operations sustainable, a call for enhanced collaboration enabled by digital data sharing has been proclaimed as one of the enablers for sustainable shipping.

At the core of port call optimization is that each involved party optimizes its operations based on the information they have at hand. By these initiatives digital data sharing is encouraged to relate what has happened and is expected to happen when the ship is at sea and what has happened and is intended to happen when the ship is within the port limits being served by the port.

Data sharing between ports and shipping companies is essential to ensure our community remains profitable and sustainable. We cannot achieve this alone. We must collaborate, sharing information and ideas, to create an environment that ensures our longevity." - sums up Intelligent Cargo Systems' in their Guide to Port Call Optimisation.

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