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Awake.AI joins the Baltic Ports Organization

Awake.AI joins Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) with a joint mission to contribute to the sustainable development of maritime transport.

"The topic of digitalization remains among the key interests of the BPO. It is a process that affects every industry and the maritime sector will not be an exception. It is paramount to the continued competitiveness of ports to remain aware of technological innovation. As such, Awake.AI’s decision to join the BPO will benefit all of the Organization’s Members.

Awake.AI will greatly contribute to BPO’s knowledge and expertise pool in an area that is every year becoming increasingly more important to the continued development of the maritime transport sector" - writes BPO in their news announcement.

"We are already improving all the Finnish ports competitiveness by using our AI and machine learning expertise to deliver ETA and Port Call Timestamp service for all Finnish ports. Since we consider to be part of the Baltic maritime sector ourselves, we think it is only natural to offer our expertise and Smart Port technology to other Baltic countries as well. We are really excited to be a member of BPO" - comments Sami Kaksonen, VP of Sales & Marketing, Awake.AI, on their decision to join BPO.


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