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Leading the digital revolution in maritime logistics


Our mission is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics

We understand how to tackle the big problems in the maritime business.


We understand logistics chains and most of all: what drives the value in the maritime business.


We empower sea, port and land ecosystem partners to embrace digital operations through a collaborative open data platform that enables optimized and cost saving digital handshakes.


The founding team has been a part of shaping the marine industry with the world’s first situational awareness solution for vessels, the world’s first remotely controlled commercial vessel (tug) and the world’s first autonomous commercial vessel (ferry).

Our story

Karno Tenovuo, Co-founder and CEO of Awake.AI, realized that smart ships cannot interact with the rest of the logistics chain, unless the needed digital interfaces and machine learning models will be developed and linked to an open platform. He and the founding team also saw the increasing environmental issues in maritime logistics. These insights led the four founders to start working with port authorities, port operators and cargo owners who want to be forerunners in maritime digitalization.

Lack of transparency and poor communication among all port stakeholders were identified as key challenges and there was a clear market need for a collaborative and data-driven platform.

Awake.AI was established in October 2018 to create a software platform for port digitalization.


Reducing emissions 10 % by 2030

We are building an ecosystem for smart ports and shipping. Our mission is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics where 10% of the global CO2 emissions from shipping will be reduced by 2030 with the help of the ecosystem partners.

Read more about the IMO GHG reduction plan

Together we can make an impact

Awake.AI is developing the solutions together with port authorities, port operators, cargo owners and other members of the maritime logistics chain.

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