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Accurate port call predictions with the power of ML

Operational efficiency and savings with the predictability
from advanced machine learning predictions

Master your plans and perfect the operations


Our predictions APIs utilize multiple methods per each segment of the port call to reach high level of accuracy. We often also fine tune models for specific conditions for some port approaches and specific weather and traffic patterns. We provide global coverage for all ships detected with satellite or terrestrial means and update our prediction every 10 minutes. You have the option of requesting basic prediction or of many of our APIs you can choose to ask for extended data set. For example prediction to berth and estimated voyage route to the port.


Create accurate plans and use predictions to warn you if plans have been disrupted. Operate with accuracy by having resources at the right place at the right time. Adjust on-the-fly with the help of predictions. Achieve savings by utilising industry’s best machine learning powered predictions.

Read a case study on how all Finnish ports are utilizing Awake.AI’s Port call time stamp and ETA service.


Our approach to predictions is to utilise best ML models for each step of the port call or operational process and this has been fine tuned over millions of predictions. We utilise our database of multiple years of global AIS shipping messages as one source powering the predictions.


Global coverage for pilot boarding area (PBA) and berth ETA predictions. We also fine tune models for ports when needed by special circumstances or requests by customer.


Full Swagger style API documentations available and kept up-to-date with each release. Our support will also assist you with the integration and we provide accurate uptime status and planned maintenance information at our status site.

Easy to estimate and budget monthly pricing

Our predictions APIs are available with a fixed monthly fee tailored to the amount of usage you require. This allows accurate budgeting and avoids large surprises from jumps in costs. You have the option to stop the usage of the API if the monthly quota is reached before the end of the month or allow the defined amount of additional usage.

Contact us for a trial of the Prediction API
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