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Sustainable and intelligent
maritime logistics

An AI-enhanced digital platform connecting ship operators, ports and cargo owners

 Aiming to cut maritime emissions globally with ports by

10 %

by 2030.

Port operations optimized

Awake's AI-driven Optimisation Platform is the thruster that is helping maritime operators move towards the future. We work with all maritime actors at sea, ports, and land, making port operations more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Optimise port calls with AI insights

Maximise the use existing port capacity 

Enable just in in time arrival and faster turnaround times

Bring transparency to cargo flow for better risk management


Our customers will enjoy faster port calls, better decision-making, and highly improved situational awareness.

In our vision port actions are safer and more efficient at ports all over the world. Cranes, vessels, and operations are automated, but people will always be at the heart of maritime logistics.

We work with ports around the world for a common goal – with Awake.AI`s solutions we are going to cut maritime emissions globally by 10 % by 2030.

Marketplace launched

Martin Johannesson, Head of IT, Port of Gothenburg

"The newly launched Berth Planner aligns with our vision to become the world most competitive port and of course a smart- and connected port.”


On-line application for real-time monitoring, berth planning for normal and Just-in-Time (JIT) port calls includes e.g. instant negotiation, communication, automated calculations & notifications, audit log, nautical service statuses, weather alerts and warnings.

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Awake.AI has developed multiple APIs that can be easily integrated to your current tools and systems. Have you interested in e.g. Predictions or  Voyage event API?


Our custom tools provide advanced traffic and events monitoring, as well as Just-in-Time (JIT) port call planning support. With our analytics, you can optimize your operations and improve efficiency.

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