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Hoist catches up with industry leaders at TOC Europe: Awake.AI, JLT, Nokia, Voxpop CM Labs.

Hoist catches up with David Clark, senior product marketing manager, CM Labs, to talk about its remote operating station, answering demand for the trend towards automation in the ports sector.

Jussi Poikonen, VP, AI & Analytics, Awake.AI explains how AI solutions can make the industry more sustainable and improve some of the inefficiencies in the ports sector today, such as how information is not properly shared among ‘actors’ and how there is a lack of predictability, which causes inefficient planning.

Meanwhile, Peter Lundgren, business development manager, South of Europe & Ports, JLT Mobile Computers, explains how android will be increasingly used in the ports industry and recently announced a full spectrum of high-end rugged mobile computing solutions, to serve the French logistics industry under its new brand JLT France, namely its JLT6012 series of vehicle-mount warehouse computers, which now comprises a fully-rugged Android forklift terminal – the JLT6012A.

Watch a video recording and read full article on Hoist Magazine

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