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2021 Guide to Port Call Optimization


Collaboration is the key to port call optimization

"Data sharing and collaborative decision-making will make port call optimization a success. So it is paramount that shipping implements both optimizing sea voyages and port calls as both can not be looked at independently." - sums up Michael Bergmann in the foreword of "2021 Guide to Port Call Optimization" by Intelligent Cargo Systems.

The latest Guide to Port Call Optimization reviews the industry-wide challenges such as global port congestion and the impact of Covid-19, examines opportunities for shipping companies to make significant marginal gains using new technology.

The guide aims to encourage collaboration between

innovative solution providers for the benefit of the maritime community. "Creating trust and aiming at shared benefits when implementing JIT and Port Call Optimization will enable fruitful collaboration and develop the culture needed." - explains Bergmann.


"2021 Guide to Port Call Optimization" by Intelligent Cargo Systems features a foreword from Michael Bergmann, an interview with Sami Kaksonen from Awake.AI and case studies from Intelligent Cargo Systems, i4sea, Marine Fields, Nautilus Labs, Portcast and SEAPort Solutions.

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