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Awake.AI COP28
White Paper


Awake.AI COP28 White Paper

Reaching a more sustainable maritime logistics by 2030.

In recent years, companies in the global maritime transport business have been constantly required to adjust their strategies to meet the more stringent environmental regulations. Environmental sustainability has become one of the key transitional drivers for the whole maritime transport business. Considering these changes, port and shipping operations must put a significant effort in establishing a greater digital competence. In fact, many of the modern-day technologies and innovations are bringing a considerable foundation for opportunity in maritime logistics and port calls, also improving efficiency and productivity.

Awake.AI has developed an AI based platform for maritime logistics that enables emission reductions by optimizing e.g. the routes,  turnaround times and processes. Port of Gothenburg has partnered up with Awake.AI to develop a new solution to the maritime industry: Digital Port Call, which enables the industry to save 775 Million tons of CO2 during this decade already.

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